The only full-service hemp raw goods manufacturer in the United States.


Delta Agriculture (Delta Ag) is the largest industrial scale producer of hemp raw goods in the US. Through our proprietary farming methods, we bring commoditization and scale to an otherwise fractured marketplace. All of our raw goods are derived from American-grown hemp.

In 2020, we grew 4,000 acres across Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas. Each location includes a centralized facility to produce, process and store each constituent component of the hemp plant: FLOWER, FIBER and GRAIN.

We utilize proprietary genetics, harvested and perfected at our 50,000 sq. ft Genetics Lab in Delta, Colorado. Delta Ag is vertically integrated from genetics to raw goods in order to provide end-users with a consistent and stable supply.

Our Story

Delta Ag’s management team is comprised of individuals with enough collective experience to standardize the hemp supply chain. We’ve assembled a team of executives from production and supply-based industries, such as oil and gas and industrial farming, to solve hemp’s biggest problem: standardization. We take pride in maximizing efficiencies to create the perfect land-based production business model for the hemp industry. 


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Dallas Office: 3100 Monticello Ave. Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75205

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National Scale, Local Footprint

Delta Ag Partners has farms and centralized facilities in the following states:

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