Providing product manufacturers WITH a sustainable supply.


Delta Ag is the first hand-to-mouth solution for the hemp supply chain.

To date, hemp product manufacturers have procured supply farm by farm. This piecemealed approach leaves them bogged down by multiple transactions that result in variation and inconsistencies.

By controlling the production of hemp biomass at scale, Delta Ag provides end-users a consistent and hassle-free supply. For the first time ever, manufacturers can order a uniform supply and have it delivered to their specification – when and how they want it.


End-users prioritize clean, raw goods. That is why we take the extra step to remove unwanted diluents (seed, stalk and stem). All flower material provided by Delta Ag is ready for distribution. 

Pelleted Material

Our processes include the ability for high-throughput pelleting and decarboxylation to further meet the desired specification of our valued customers. 


Each of our 3 facilities has the capacity to process fiber to downstream derivatives, including hemp hurd. Delta Ag aims to be the first domestic producer of hemp hurd at an industrial scale.

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National Scale, Local Footprint

Delta Ag Partners has farms and centralized facilities in the following states:

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